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In the middle of February I did the “Lighthouse to Lighthouse Extreme Mountain Bike Race” organised by the Gansbaai Lions.

It takes place over two days of 90 an 100km respectively. The first day is from Gansbaai Lighthouse to Agulhas Lighthouse and the second is the reverse, with a detour through the historic town of Elim.

I had wanted to challenge myself with something that I was not 100% sure I could do and this was the perfect event. The longest MTB race that I had done previously was 45km so this was a bit of a shock to the system. I definitely suffered on the second day where we basically rode straight into the teeth of the wind for 100km.

Nevertheless, I completed the race and am so glad that I did it. I will be back next year without a doubt, hopefully with a bit more training in my legs and some buddies to ride with.

The video was filmed 100% on my GoPro and was an experiment for me in editing video and trying to record interesting footage while racing.

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